#StopSnooping: Opposing the Investigatory Powers Bill (AKA Snoopers’ Charter) – Contact your MP Below!

The Short Version

  • Rejected several times during the Con/Lib coalition, the so-called Snoopers’ Charter broadens the already vast powers of warrant-less government surveillance on innocent citizens.
  • It provides that all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and telecoms companies must keep records of everyone’s communication data related to browsing history, phone calls, text messages, gaming, social media activity, IMs, and more for 12 months.
  • Access to this data would then be provided to the Police, the intelligence agencies, HMRC, and the Serious and Organised Crime Agency, with the potential to expand to other bodies at any time.
  • The cost to implement this kind of blanket wire-tapping is estimated at £1.8 billion, but many industry experts think that this is far below an accurate figure.
  • It is a significant threat to our human right to privacy, and to the foundations of free speech and open democracy.
  • As part of the the Queen’s Speech on the 27th of May, the Investigatory Powers Bill was announced. This has been described as a ‘turbo-charged’ Snoopers’ Charter. For more information on  the IPB, read this article.

The Response

We are working on our own #StopSnooping campaign: a social media, awareness-raising effort which ties in with our tool to assist people in contacting their MPs to keep the pressure up. This is a first step, certainly, but an important one. Lobbying is our best option at this stage, especially given the tiny Conservative majority in parliament. Every MPs voice counts in the battle against the Snoopers’ Charter, and it’s vital that we show them that we totally reject the proposal.

Please post your letter and MPs response to our subreddit so that we can find out where everyone stands!